Accident, Damage and Theft management


If You or an Authorised Driver has an Accident You and the Authorised Driver must:

(a) exchange names and addresses and telephone numbers with the other driver;

(b) take the registration numbers of all vehicles involved;

(c) take as many photos as is reasonable showing:

(i) the position of the Vehicles before they are moved for towing or salvage;

(ii) the Damage to the Vehicle;

(iii) the damage to any third party vehicle or property; and

(iv) the general area where the Accident occurred, including any road or traffic signs;

(d) not make any admission of fault or promise to pay the other party's claim or release the other party from any liability;

(e) forward all third party correspondence or court documents to Us within 7 days of receipt; and

(f) co-operate with Us in the prosecution of any legal proceedings that We may institute or defence of any legal

proceedings which may be instituted against You or Us as a result of an Accident, including attending Our lawyer's office or any Court hearing.

If the Vehicle is stolen:

Call immediately auscar rent office Report to the Police and provide Auscar rent with the Police Report No. We will indemnify You and the Authorised Driver for the Damage, theft, or Third Party Loss but You must pay an amount up to the Damage Excess for each Accident or theft claim unless We agree that You were not at fault and the other partys insurance company accepts liability



(a) any damage to the Vehicle including its parts, components and accessories that is not fair wear and tear;

(b) towing and salvage costs;

(c) assessing fees; and

(d) Loss of Use,

and for the removal of doubt, any Damage to the windscreen, headlights, lights or tyres that makes the Vehicle unroadworthy is not fair wear and tear. These damage can arise form single accident other then two vehicle collision. Renter will be liable for these types damage and pay either damage excess fee or repairing cost.