Anyone with following
  • Minimum age 21 and maximum 75
  • Australian and oversees full license we also accept Green P
  • Age 21 to 23 and Green P pay extra for car rent and damage excess
  • Unfortunately we don't accept L and red P license
Yes you can but not too far, you must have to inform our office before going
We collect your credit card details when you make a reservation, but we don't actually charge your card until you collect the car.
Yes, you (the Renter) can use any Visa or Master Card in your name on the vehicle's collection. PLEASE NOTE: the driver's licence must always be in the same name as that on the We make exception where a person has a disability (e.g. legally blind) that prevents them from holding a drivers licence. The renter must be able to prove they have such a disability when collecting the rental car.
he Renter will need to bring both a full driver's licence in their own name (Australian or International) and a Visa or MasterCard, also in their own name .
Once you've reserved a car, you can still change booking details without charge, up until when you collect the car. To change your booking details, please contact the office. Of course, amendments are subject to availability.
Yes you can anytime with following manner
  • Cancel before 12 hours from due date & Time, we will cut 10% administrative cost from booking amount
  • Cancel after 12 hours from due date & time, we will cut 20% administrative cost from booking amount
  • No refund after due date and time
Same way booking done and minimum 5 working days
Comprehensive insurance is provided for all cars while on rental "Am I covered?" It's often the first question that people ask when they want to rent out their own car or rent from someone else. When you rent a vehicle from AUSCAR RENT you have the benefit of the unique coverage for accidental damage and theft that or third party damage we provide for Renters. This is a very important benefit of renting from ASCAR RENT as a normal car insurance policy does not cover cars while being rented. Reduce your Damage Liability The Damage Liability is the amount you may have to pay in the event of theft or accident. you can choose to pay a Damage Liability Waiver which will reduce the amount you have to pay if the vehicle is stolen or you have an accident. Rates start from only $2 per day. You can select your preferred Damage Liability Waiver when confirming your booking with our Sales Team
Our accident damage excess $4000 if you buy our damage waiver protection then it will be reduced $3500 and you have to pay $500 in the any event of accident, damage or theft.
DAYS Damage liability Waiver per day inc GST
Form To
1 5 $18.00
6 30 $14.00
31 59 $7.00
60 119 $3.00
120 365 $2.00
We guarantee no hidden or extra fees. Everything you need to know is on our website. Our charges are clear and simple. The price that you see on our booking page is what you pay.
No but we pick up and drop off Sydney airport only booking made at lest 7 days. We charge $15 for this service each time.
Our process is faster than other rental agencies located near Sydney Airport, guaranteed to last no more than 15 minutes, as opposed to the 20 minutes you might wait in line just for service.
Yes, we will open EMU pass for you that allows you to pay your way through any of the motorway toll stations across Australia.
The insurance excess reduction or damage waiver is what you pay if you are at fault in an accident with one of our vehicles.
Yes. We are very flexible about meeting our customers’ need. Please contact our office for more details.
In in the event of an accident, please follow the four steps below. 1. Get the following details from the other party involved: name, address, telephone number, registration number and insurance company. Do not have the car repaired or towed without our permission. 2. Telephone the auscar rent office (on key ring). If after-hours call: 0413 719 261 3. Report to the Police and provide auscar with the Police Report No. 4. Complete an accident report-form in our office as soon as possible For more information on accidents or damage to your hire car, see our damage excess page
There is no Damage Cover if the Vehicle is driven by any person who is less than 21 or more than 75 years of age and allowing anyone who is less than 21 or more than 75 to drive the Vehicle is a Major Breach of the Hire Contract.
  1.2   There is no Damage Cover, and You and any Authorised Driver are liable for: (a) Damage or Third Party Loss arising from: (i) a Major Breach of the Hire Contract; or (ii) the use of the Vehicle by any driver who is not an Authorised Driver; (b) Overhead Damage; (c) Underbody Damage; and (d) Damage caused by immersion of the Vehicle in water. (e) any damage for Tyer, mirror wind screen wiper  
  1.3   The Vehicle will be photographed at the Start of the Hire and again at the End of Hire to detect any Damage that has occurred during the Hire Period.
  1.4   There is no Damage Cover for personal items that are left in or stolen from the Vehicle or for loss or damage to property belonging to or in the custody of: (a) You; (b) any relative, friend or associate of Yours ordinarily residing with You or with whom You ordinarily reside; (c) any relative, friend or associate of an Authorised Driver; or (d) Your employees.  
No we accept only credit card remember renter name must be shown the same on driving licence and credit card