2016 toyota camry hybride -Atara SL

5 People capacity/ 4Door/ Automatic transmission/ sedan// climate control/ air conditioning/ CD,MP3, radio, bluetooth/ dual air beg / 2 mediam & 2 small suitcases/ central and remote locking/ power windows/ cruise cintrol/ power mirror


Auscar offers registered UberX or other rideshare driver better rental options with low weekly rates and standard Premium Protection cover

If you're looking to become an UberX driver, auscar offers a convenient option with its rental packages. Starting at $246 per week, you can choose from four vehicle models depending on your your driving needs. If you are ready just call our office. Its take couple of minutes to done all paper work and get the car on the road. Rental periods vary between one week and two months, and you can renew your agreement for the same or another vehicle.

When collecting your car, it's important to inspect it closely and report any anomalies to the office staff. The car must be returned on contracts date and time. If you decide to return the car before the end of the contract, early return fees will apply. Rental fees don't include liability, cleaning and toll fees.
If you're ready to rent a vehicle from Auscar, here are some of the features to keep in mind. Uber drivers. This type of rental agreement is available to registered UberX drivers only. Assistance. If you aren't already an Uber driver, Auscar can assist you in becoming one and then renting a vehicle to get started. Rental period. You can rent a Auscar car for minim two week to as long you want. Standard insurance. Each agreement includes Premium Protection cover, which comes with standard roadside assistance for yourself and an authorized additional driver. Single pick-up location. Cars must be collected and dropped off at our auscar rent office.
Weekly rental fees. Fees start at $250 per week for the hatchback option. The Toyota camry hybride 2016 rate is set at $350 per week. An advance amount is debited from your nominated credit card, followed by a debit at the beginning of each week. Tolls. You are liable to pay your toll. Deposit. Auscar will "hold" a deposit amount on your card during the rental period. Damage Recovery and Single Vehicle Accident fees. Auscar might also charge these fees to your card to cover any damage detected once you return the vehicle. Any difference will be credited to your card. However, if the amount is not enough to cover the damage, your card will be charged again with the amount outstanding. Early return fee. If you return your vehicle before the end of the rental cont ract, you will be charged as per agreement condition
Car: Toyota Camry Ararat 2016 (hybrid) Unlimited kilo meters $350 per week rent One week rent advanced deposit required $500 security deposit (refundable) An advance rent amount is debited from your nominated credit card, followed by a debit at the beginning of each week. Two week minimum rental period and no cancellation fees, only 7 days' notice required to cancel. If you return your vehicle before the end of the rental contract, or less then seven day notice then you will be charged $350. You are liable to pay $1250 excess fee in case any accident when you are in fault. Driver pays any repair cost for damage other then accident damage. All vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance, service and maintenance. Easy renew contract period. Renting a vehicle for Uber driving is a good way to make some extra money without running up the mileage on your own car. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions and take the time to compare rental options before making a decision.